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Attorney, License # 95,322 (Brazilian Bar Association-Section of Paraná)

Claudionor Agibert is from Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil. After 25 years of law enforcement experience within the Military Police of Paraná (a State level law enforcement agency with more than 25,000 officers) he has retired in March of 2017 as Captain having served in increasingly senior positions. He is a Portuguese native speaker and speaks English and Spanish fluently. Moreover, He is currently expanding his language skills by being enrolled in French and Arabic classes. Educationally, he has two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Law the other in Public Safety, and four post graduate, one in Public Administration, one in Administrative Law, one in Tax Law and Customs Law and the other in Maritime Law and Port Law. He is a graduate from the Command and Staff Training (equivalent). He is a Certified Firearms Instructor and a Specialist in Executive Protection. On his creative side, he has authored seven books, on several topics:

1) Executive Protection;
2) Public Safety Management;
3) Terrorism, Drug Trafficking, Criminal Organizations and Cyber Crimes; 4) Funding Programs – Urban Mobility;
5) Firearms and Explosives;
6) Executive Protection Management; and
7) Private Security.

He is a founding member of the State of Paraná Military Academy of Letters. He was an active member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) for 10 years and served as the International Policing Division Secretary of the IACP for 5 years.

He is a member of the Brazilian Association of Maritime Law.

A Licensed Attorney, Claudionor Agibert has been practicing Law in several areas, including Maritime Law, Port Law, International Law, Tax Law, Customs Law and Criminal Law.

Legal Consultant and Legal Advisor.

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Attorney, License # 56,313 (Brazilian Bar Association-Section of Paraná)

Jhonson Cardoso Guimarães Neves achieved his Law Degree from Tuiuti University School of Law in 2009 and has and extensive experience in Real Estate Law for over a decade.
Jhonson was the first Attorney in the Estate of Paraná to advocate the idea that Construction Companies cannot mandatorily charge the clients for real estate agents´ services, publishing on July 20th, 2012 the article “Construction Companies cannot oblige clients to pay for a specific real estate agent´s services.
He has also published another article named “Buying New Construction: the seller must pay for the real estate agent´s services.” For these achievements, Jhonson has given many interviews on the topic.
He has concluded several training sessions and workshops on Real Estate Law; Contracts and Negotiations; and Family Law. Jhonson speaks Spanish and is studying English.

A Licensed Attorney, Jhonson Cardoso Guimarães Neves has been practicing Law in the following areas: Real Estate Law; Real Estate Condominium Law; Credit; Consumer Law; Family Law; Civil Liability; Contract Law; Legal Consultant and Legal Advisor.

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